Adventure Time Shoes 3


The third pair of Adventure Time shoes I’ve painted.

It’s kinda interesting to see how much progress I’ve made sine I started last year. This one was done sometime November/December, and at that time, I thought I was pretty flash. I’m really excited to see what else I can do with custom art shoes!




8 thoughts on “Adventure Time Shoes 3

  1. LOve love love! I Was gonna make me some, but yours are GORGEOUS ans SLAMACOW!! I just made me some GUnter earrings. Check them out if you want 🙂 wHAT kind of paint is that? do you use any protective coating after?

    • Thank you! You should so still try making some. Painting shoes are strangely addictive. I used normal acrylic paint but mixed them with fabric fixative so that they become fabric paint. I find that they are more flexible this way and much better for shoes. However, getting the colours to go as bright can be a bit tough. I then put a varnish on top (just a normal acrylic varnish – I went with a matte one but, glossy is fine to, depending on what finished result you want) to seal the paint away – I can then wash it if it becomes mucky and it’s practically waterproof. 🙂 I think with normal chucks, acrylic paint on its own is okay because you don’t bend the shoes much. However, for things like vans where the main painting space is at the toe area, I would suggest fabric paint (or acrylic + fabric fixative) just because you tend to crease that area a lot when you walk. Doing that would decrease the chance of paint cracking and flaking away.

      Oh and btw, I just looked at your gunter earings. So CUTE! I love them! 😀

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